In the arms of another

Many times i encountered long strong arms around my waist and i felt safe, but than i think of the arms i am in now.Not so long very much wobbly but the face was gentle and when he opened his eyes they were kind and loving.Jeffery spent many days making sure i was served well the tedious things i did for him such as tie his shoes and button his shirt was most appreciated.He wore 3xl and his belly always bulged.But he was hard working man,in fact he was a millionaire. We slept in air condition room because the smell  of sweat will emerge  if there was not any.I was an xl but in all the right places.We don’t have children- my ovaries failed to do its job,Jeffery did not mind out of respect he never mentioned it.But it showed when he’s brothers brought their kids.I saw the magic there.I looked away because i longed for children, they would have been spoiled rotten and i would be less spoiled,i have too many things in my closet my shoes occupy one room side by side some would picture the length and call it the River Nile, I have only worn one shoe once but Jeffery says he like to see my feet in different pairs.My shoes are custom fit to perfection,you got it Jeffery has feet fetish.Our sex drive is hard and heavy,even though he is heavy but he knows it all.But why do i feel empty?I am the most luckiest female in my time.

I met Mike the one with long strong arms with real muscles,hes a gym junkie also a woman’s man he was in the army for three years and retired when he started his own business helping women such as me with insecure minds about their bodies.We humans are never 100% satisfied.I am siting here watching him talk his lips move and his arms working on 10 kilo dumbells.Beside him a  40kg woman she does not need to loose any more I am certain Mike can pick her up and work  on her like dumbells. I do my floor planks,and at ;least 30seconds counting.Than i feel something wet ooze out of my crack.

I am so glad i am wearing black because before i know it a wet patch appears between my thighs. “Fuck! fuck ! and fuck! ” right i said that so loud.Mike walks towards me.

“Sorry are you ok? he looks at me with a little concern as if birds are rotating over my head.”Sorry i am fine its just – I felt a muscle tug” You’re lying Marina i say to myself,get up and leave before a drop of blood hits the floor.” I- excuse me but i need to go pee” I make my way to the toilet with gym bag with a fake alibi, no tugged muscles just blushing shame. I rip the zip aggressively damn i feel like G.I Jane only now i got hair. I find a tampon,i place it in on the sink,i remove my gym panties,as i pull it down to my knee  40kg babe walks in. I pull them up again and she side glances me.

” You ok sweetheart? you need help? i got some spare tamps in my bag!” she smiles.I point to the sink and she sees my spare located near the faucet and she give me the Oh – ok look. She enters the cubicle and as she sits a wave of gas explodes from her rectum.I lost the whole reason why i was standing there in the ladies room. But aunt flo seconds later reminds to insert a tampon and exit the faculty room. I am laughing to myself how was she going to help me otherwise,insert my tampon for me?” Fresh panties and a pair of leggings later i am siting back inside the gym bar,only fresh salads and kibble club sandwiches fill my cravings.Mike than appears without my permission he offers me a apple cider carrot thingy.

“Hi I’m Mike! Marina?”
“Yes I am Marina- do you like what you ordered me?”stupid Marina !

” Yes its good for tugged muscles?” he than smirks hes lips,those kiss-me lips,and shit my hormones raging like an eruption,i start sweating but aunt flo is raking herself into my tampons.This is unusual flo, because i don’t bleed heavy on the first day. I skull quarter of the glass,very cool and effective,just what i needed.

” Thirsty? he hands me a tissue, i must have some kind of stain on my mouth.As i wipe on my upper lip i see Mike looking at me with certain attraction. Slim babe with rectum problem walks towards us and places a tampon on the counter.I go red,and she says

” Honey you forgot those in the ladies room” she smiles at Mike satisfied with her accomplishment.I wrap my sandwich in the tissue its placed on and leave. “BItch ! ” i yell it out so loud than the phone rings.Its Jeffery,at this stage i am in the car,flushed with anger.I hit the steering wheel and the honk gives me pedestrian fame,i wave a kind sorry than i hit the air con button.Breeze of cool artificial air calms me down i start to drive off not noticing that Mike is waving me to come back.I ignore Mike today,while his lips linger in my mind.I am somewhat attracted to him. Jeffery calls while i am driving and my phone is now attached to the cell hook,thank goodness it’s touch screen i slide and a sweet male voice greets me.” Hey baby how was the gym?” i say ” How did you know i was gymming?”

“Its on your public social chart in the kitchen,have you forgotten? Look nevermind come home i have a surprise for you,it involves alot of physical attention” I am turned of by this sight at the moment.No i don’t accept any hard core invitations while aunt flo is working hard. “Will callback later baby i am heading for some female therapy,and re-supllies of tamponia!! ”

I hear heavy sigh than i reassure him i can use my mouth for this physical surprise.I come home and my hubby kisses me,i drop my bag and unbuckle his trousers.” Dirty bitch, do your job” that’s our kinky talk we like the master -slave outlandish drama.It gives us a kick.After he comes inside my mouth he turns me around for anal and i cant help but enjoy the pleasures of having a spare hole. Pleased with my wifey role, i wash my lower cheeks and slip on my denim pairs. Jeffery bought me a  Kenny Rogers ticket for us both.I ‘m into all music not country,but for his sake i go.I love Bryan Adams,Mike looks like him but only more tall with mean cuts about his muscles. Aunt flo is raging at the thought of him. The concert was beautiful that old man still has it good looks and sensual voice. I admire him and i admire rich Jeffery,what he does with money is amazing.We come home and drop on the bed it carries Jeffery quite well.I can see it in his eyes that now hes brewing up a question.

” I know you want to say something what are you holding  back i mean why are you holding back?” i circle my pointed finger on his chest,and trail it up to neck and back.

” Are you eager to go through treatment for a baby?” so fast it came out,and than he turns to observe my expression.My expression says no,but in a fainted motion not to hurt him too much.” Sorry honey wrong timing huh? we talk about it next time.” I move closer to him and give him a reassuring hug that another time will be best to talk about it.”I still comfort in Jeffery’s arms though they wobble but yet they are like y husbands arms. The next week is more peachy aunt flo left me to find  her other niece -i am free for all kinds of activities and Mike well hes at the gym assisting women and their problems with weight even though they weigh a feather metaphorically speaking.I arrive at the gym,though i have one at home i save it for days when the weather changes like the sky goes grey etc  its big enough to occupy 50 people I don’t boast about my wealth, however my ride says otherwise. They stare at me when i enter the room i go to the most quietest of corners and work on my waist.I still need my belly to be toned.I look like a perfect role model for the plus size,i have been asked and i kindly declined.I leave some other girl the opportunity, I am generous that way.I  call myself beautiful on the inside as i wont stay in youth for long.My hair is black stained with copper like dye on certain strands. I have boobs that juggle itself when i am jumping rope and running tracks. Jeffery met me at a stadium he mentioned to me when we first met that he can reduce my size if my back ever was getting too sore.That’s ‘ how i met Jeffery,i knew he wasn’t trying hard to hit on me he had a certain kind of caring ,He was still 3xl and i didnt’t care less about his size.We  hit it off on our first date big big with bubbly personality.  Back than we had nothing on our minds but dirty banging.We did it in the stadium office that overlooked the stadium,it was night and only him and i in the air con room.It was a major display for the cleaners.My back was against the steamed windows,Jeffery was against me pushing hard inside,thankfully the windows were 8 inch thick.  I loved every moment,though most men pictured a guy being muscular Jeffery was my love at first.

For curious matters i wanted to know the comforts of man with lots of muscles.So one day i played up with Mike.Being at the gym and shedding kilos from my frame i decided today i was going to stay longer. For the mind that i own i pictured Mike and i having a bathroom scene.Because i was daring today i called Jeffrey that i will be at the Hideways for body therapy and women who want physical healing hair,nails and gossip.Jeffery didn’t mind,he spoiled me that way,in fact he gave me his credit card.


The clock striked 10 pm i was still at the gym,Mike and i decided to meet after at his office for a late cuppa.I told him that i was interested in doing business,but he had no idea the other thoughts that dwellt in my head. I slipped into the shower and changed into a black short lace dress with red trimmings,I coiled my hair into a Mexican bun resting at the nape of my neck. Rouge lipstick of cherry,and channel No5. I sat at his chair waiting and as i did i saw a frame with a child holding a woman’s hand only.The picture was cut i did’nt need to ask.The little girl was beautiful with face of Mike but more feminine who is she i only wondered,she could be anyone.

” My daughter !  ” I jumped and i swear i did a mini number one.

“Shit!” I hissed to myself,i stood up and turned he was staring all along. I frowned and as i walked out slowly,he blocked my way.”Stay! you need to stay!”he asked with persuasion.”I pissed in my pants a bit if you dont mind id like to change them panties”

Mike knew why i came and our bodies spoke alot without our tongues moving.  I blushed and he showed me to his private bathroom,in his office.I cleaned up, trashed my urinal undies and went back to the room.This time the candles were burning, it smelt  erotic the candle must have been a fortune.

“Mike moved closer to me he lifted my chin and kised me his tongue snaked its way into my mouth parting my lips.The wetness of his tongue quenched my desire for him,and the muscles between my legs started to work into a kinetic force.I pulled him closer i lied it didn’t quench me i was dying of thirst.His body was hard,not wobbly and soft but tonight was what i needed strong arms with no emotional attachment.

He slipped my dress off my body and stunned by shape of my boobs and no panties i saw his penis come to life.I climbed on him he lifted me up onto his desk,He then sat me down he pulled his chair to sit  and with my legs being parted the strongest muscle entered me. He than rose from below after a 15 minute appetizer and the penetration took place.^ inch or more we were moaning and grunting.I held onto those gymy muscles and i yelled for more he kept coming . he had no mercy on me the intercourse was rough and i enjpyed every minute of it.

We did the doggy and it was full force, he pulled at my hair which was than loose,I had many orgasms and when he retired to the floor,i cried.A wave of guilt washed over me,though i was sexually satisfied my soul was completely fucken guilty.” You leaving are you? ”

I nodded my head,and he stood up to open the door.” Make your way out than”Standing there naked he looked beautiful,but i could not look any further i looked at myself and i was naked,” I’m sorry ! but i have to go” i looked at him now he was moving towards me.”Stay! i need you to stay,you know want me more” he traced kisses at my neck and i was weak again.I stayed but this time it was just to be in his arms.

Jeffery was alone tonight lying on his bed with a vision of  a baby looked like Marina and him.He even closed his eyes to imagine a new him with a six pack and a lean body,he often spotted his wife glaring in a horrid manner but he never told her he noticed.Jeffery knew where she was,he let her go and fulfill those fantasies,He checked her whereabouts and figured it was best to pay Mike a good deal only to make his wife happy. Being a millionaire was proved not enough to make you emotionally happy.So Jeffery booked himself into  surgery so that he can shed of that massive weight to look like Mike.




Along came her Manners.

Little Oly woke up every morning with the sun at her face,and it so happened that the sun was right in the middle of the sky shining hope for all his fans,but not little Oly.She favored the night and all its mysterious adventures such is the midnight programs  on her tv,sneaking out to the kitchen for a kai po session and just watching the clouds  make funny shapes.Homework sheets left unattended until the last minute.

Her mind stood foot on foreign dreams and shores she never had a penny in her pocket all because she would marvel at pretty things that caught her eyes.Poor Oly she never really did fit in, therefore she was labelled an irrelevant child with bad manners,aye she could walk the plank and everyone would say ” Go Oly go !” in the most sarcastic tone.NO Oly never did think she was abnormal neither did she think she had bad manners.So who did Oly  confine in ? where did her secrets go hiding? who was her best friend?

It all went to the grave, she buried her secrets with grandmother Sele.While nena Ino was 6ft under Oly’s secrets were 100 cm from the surface,frank the graveyard attendee allowed her that opportunity.It was written on Nena’s will that Oly can hide her most precious treasures in her grave.Her friends never knew what she did there but they thought Oly was off the normal meter.Who could ever find comfort playing  in ghostly fields.That’s why Oly had acquired manners.She was kind and gentle to the homeless sharing her sandwiches her stepmother made.

“You Know Oly these sandwiches are pretty good? why do you detest them?” Oly rolled her eyes and whispered ” because my mother did not make them and her hands had more love than that .” She took out a gherkin and crunched on it.As she teeth gritted on the pickle the homeless rogue made an ewwy face.Despicable taste buds you have child.

“Why are you on this chiseled bench? do you not have a roof over  your head? or a blood rello? ”

“Such is the mind of a curious child” and slapped the back of her head.

” Ouch what was that for ? I am only concerned about your wellbeing and so forth.” and she slapped him back on his forehead. And there was the union of the odd understanding.

A bunch of her friends stood outside watching Oly they were scheming blackmail and it didn’t look good as her new companion was an old handsome homeless man.”Oly” they called out ” What will your stepmother say?Principal Hedes will whip your grades to the lowest level.

Oly looked and turned rolled her into a coil bun.Her face downfallen she felt scared she stood up  walked her to the gleaming teeth of vultures.” What do you want from me?”

“You better best have a resourceful alibi as to why you didn’t come to school.Did you not promise us to polish our shoes and clean our locker room?” Katrina the shortest and most popular and her high flying grades.Tossed her shiny golden hair,she did acquire the hypocrite status of good girl.But she was the 100% character of a snake.

“let her polish our shoes now,after all there are no witnesses.She has a witness- that stinky old man” they burst into laughter while holding their noses.Oly bent down and spat on the pair of golden shoes.Feeling insulted the knee gave a quick reflex action.Oly went flying back onto a concrete slab belonging to a veteran who died in 1945.

” How dare you spit on my golden leather,kiss them now or we shall report your bad manners to Mr Hedes”

The rogue watched on he didnt like this scene any bit longer.He stood up and walked over” Be gone with you or i shall cast a spell on you all.Shame on you for such.Do you know who i am? he glared into their eyes,i am the keeper of this grave and raising the dead is my vengence on brats like you.”

“You be careful beggar my fathers a rich man”

” HIs wealth will not spare you from my wrath .” she spat on him with such venom.

Oly’s jaws dropped and she covered her face as to protect her from the foul mouth of these ugly hearts.”enough no more please,she wiped her bleeding nose  with her old cardi while the rogue stood firm with an arm to assist her.

“Never  will i consider you girls proper ladies ,you have shown to be more than just a bunch of little sluts who live off their daddies good fortune.Be off with you before the devil follows you to your own graves.”

The girls marched on than they turned to catch the eyes of their prey” we are telling on you,your mommy will be steaming mad” she flicked her hair and walked on shaky legs.

“Oly its best  you home and mop your nose” and a smile spread across her face.

The stepmother stood at the foot of the steps,with icy blue eyes and a whip in her hand”

Inside now, you deserve my whip you little wrench”

Many whips spread across her flesh and stains of blood stuck to her white blouse,at the age of 12 Oly had it bad.”Clean up your sins child or you’re on the next trip to dr Malvis house.Oly didn’t like the sounds of this.A plan started to formulate in her mind she was going to adjust her attitude towards her new mother,and being kind was no  a part of it.

The next morning Oly was awake before dawn,the sun was late this time,she looked out her window and saw the homeless handsome man.He waved not knowing that a pair of eyes watched from above.A her new vicious tap at the door and Oly froze.Chills crept up her spine and she was not aware that new mommy was watching her from upstairs.She was now a control of a lab scene.

“Open this door now !” and she kept banging with her fist.Oly opened the door and those  diabolical eyes were on her.”Get into the car do you hear me?”

“NO i am standing here and you are not making me go anywhere” she stood firm on the ground of rich polished floors her father built.She raised her hand to slap her ,but clever Oly grabbed her hand and pushed her out of the door,there it was step mama smashed into the wall.”Leave now you little brat or else-”

“Or else what ? ” A male voice spoke

“Daddy!” Oly hugged her father ,with such lonesomeness

“Ouch!” she moved back and hint of blood stained her top.”Whats the matter?”

She withdrew from his safe arms and removed her blouse.Shes did this to me.”

Shocked at what he saw,OLy’s father reached out for his phone and dialed for the cops.The police escorted the evil woman out.She looked back and spat on the floor and she stared at Oly with such hatred.Oly’s father looked away and escorted his child back into the house.

“Hello Child you seem well,how goes your day?”

“Gorgeous as your blue eyes,she replied.I am off to see my nena ,i have secrets to confess,i need you to hear them” she took his hand and walked side by side with her father looking on smiling.

“I am a strange man your father trust me?” he looked  into her eyes and stars were dancing joyfully.” Whats your name homeless   man? where is your roof located?” she asked with such concern.

His reply went like this ” My home is in my heart and for certain you are welcome to visit anytime.The stars and the sky my roof the earth is my home therefore i sleep in the shelter of the wind and the music of the streets.My journey is endless care to join me ?”

“Nah i have a roof over my head but someday when i seek better scenes i will join you Mr?”


“Ken Boulder,father to seven dogs and one iguana” Ken burst out into laughter,and so did Oly.”You know Oly those brats i saw them again,they smiled at me.”with a smirk

“Why did you send the wrong the devil?” she replied,and punched him on the arm

” Where are your manners girl?” rubbing his arms.

” I got new set of them waiting to apply,but by all means lets walk and see my nena,i have a secret hidden there.Its kind of a present to my next new friend,i was saving it for a rainy day” and literally  droplets hit their heads and onto the dry soils.They took to the roads on fast feet,and the grass received its blessings.She dug with a stick as her shovel was amiss.

Out of the grave an old tin box with images of lilies,she opened the lid trimmed with rust and inside her box was a box of chocolates.”Seriously Oly chocolates? and here i am thinking its your grandmothers inheritance .Oh well i guess a box of chocolates will calm this homeless mind.”

They sat side by side devouring the flavors of nena’s favorite treat.”So can you polish my shoes? Oly burst out laughing” if you call your feet shoes i think you need serious attention like all my saliva”

“That’s massively gross Oly ,your new manners is somewhat tipping the scale” and he took into his mouth another piece of chocolate .” I think you need your saliva to assist that chocolate down your throat.

” Ken is possible that you can come stay at my place?” she asked without thought,for she saw in him a wonderful man who could keep her papa happy as well.They both aged well  and Oly liked his out- of -the world mannerisms the way he spoke to her almost felt like she was talking to her other self.It was not a lovers kind of attraction it was like a particular miracle to have someone understand her and the way she felt And to talk to her with such under standing  no matter weird things turned out.Along came  good manners of being their kind of normal which of course was absolutely WEIRD.

“Oly you just scoffed the whole lot where are you drifting to ?” he watched her closely,this girl’s mind traveled on strange planets,and he for sure knew he was starting to love her.But poor Oly didnt read body language she was too busy burying more childish treasures for them to dig up on odd days.Being friends made things a little bit more weird for Ken Boulder.”Hey Ken when i am 30 do you think you will be breathing still? Imagine this if you died i will come and bury my other treasures in your grave,and with lots of confessions.” She shifted her weight to stare at him,and he shook his head.

” I sometimes wonder if your grandmother shakes in her grave with all those confessions,what do you tell her?” she smiled and snorted

“I tell her how much i like chocolates and she makes them,than i tell her how much i miss my  mother,even though she is not dead.” Her tone more soft yet very distant.She didn’t want to stay in the family,very much a life of a gypsy always traveling never stable.She writes to me,dad destroyed the last batch of postcards as he never got one.”

So i come here and bury them,I know by burying them i can always come here and look at them when i miss her.Wait i go get the last photo of her its inside the other box”

Ken and Oly started digging like children with their fingers,and meanwhile  something beautiful happened,their  minds  were of children.Always eager to find Long Johns Silver treasure.The time didn’t seem to matter anymore,at the ripe age of puberty Oly spent more time being spontaneous. She worried less of what others thought of her,her grades were average.ken thought B+ for a child who seldom studied was brilliant.

Oly attended school still,teachers still mocked her random act of kindness i guess they were not used to her.Still her odd sense of humor had rumors flying.Ken decided upon a new venture,he was going to shape up his image,and look more presentable.He didnt feel homeless at heart.He backed off a bit with falling in love,he didn’t want to scare her.

“Ken where you going?” she saw him with a bag on his  back and polished shoes.

“I can polish your shoes?” she offered that,but he refused and smiled “I am good don’t need your saliva on my new boots,plus i might take it as an insult.”With his husky voice he burst into vicious laughter.He looked handsome this homeless traveler all done up properly,and her heart flipped a bit.Then she turned and looked in a different direction,with flushed pink cheeks.

“Boogers! Whats wrong with me? Ken my reaction shames me.You just look kind  of nice,but where are you going ? like now ? with that big bag? are you moving in?”

” No i am not moving in i am just taking my boots for a walk.Will be back after a few months.Got to sort out myself.Might find new ways to bury treasure but by all means Oly stay weird.” Friends for a short time felt like eternity.

” Ken dont get those boots dirty ok? but out of random act of kindness she spat on his boots.Good habits die hard.Ken kissed her forehead,she was smiling …be on your way gypsy.” Oly was happy for him as he walked off.Several months turned into years and Oly moved into a different mind frame,she thought it was best to help the needy and the weird sort like her.So she joined the red cross and that opened doors for her.She traveled to many foreign shores  mending,fixing and healing wounded bodies and hearts.Soldiers happened to be most of her patients.Marriage proposals came knocking at her feet.She flinched at the thoughts of it.

Than out of the blue one day she saw an advertisement it had fancy words and images sprawled across the brochure.She shoved it into her purse and took to the streets looking  for a bite to eat.But Oly was certain she felt someone was watching her,so she opened her purse once more for a cigarette and match.She moved into the crowd and walked off into an alley.The light dimmed as she walked on further from the entrance of the alley.

A hand reached out and touched her feet,and she screamed holy moly and stood on the merciless fingers of an old woman.”Oly is that you ? ” the voice sent happy shivers down her spine.Oh i am completely clueless at this point but i am sorry who are you? i feel like i have heard your voice before? Let me help you with getting up.

” Oh thats okay i am fine,its just your voice sounds like Oly  my little girl.I dont think you will want to remember me.But i feel it in my bones,you are Oly who buries treasure in her grandmas grave?”

” How do you know that? ” she asked with caution

” A homeless man once told me of a girl that buried chocolates in her nena’s grave ,he showed me a sketch of you.I knew straight away it was my Oly.”

Oly cussed away and the old lady stood behind her and tapped her shoulder,the cigarette went flying into the air ,and Oly jumped and turned her hands went flying across the woman’s face.”Oh no ,oh i m so sorry” she cupped her face,than she looked right at the womans face.Yes this was her mother,the traveling gypsy but all the lines on her face told a story.Where was she all these years without her little Oly beside her.

” Im sorry i gotta go ,work calls” her mother looked into her daughters eyes and saw she had missed out on so much of her growth.She was too blame herself for wandering off to far.Oly crossed the streets and disappeared,she didn’t want any emotional outburst,her new manners tamed her since she last saw that handsome old rogue man called Ken Boulder.She was now thinking maybe he wasn’t  homeless after all,or just a miracle to calm her childish demented fantasies.What was to come off Olly she was lost in her own world.Her father had moved in with another woman more stable then the previous.

” Helo i would like to make a collect call to my father”

” Name please ?”


“What you forgot his name” with a rude tone

“No its just i am looking for a ciggie in my bag,yes hes name is Simon Wonder,or maybe you can give me the number of he?”

The  operator left the number ,Oly scribbled it onto her bag with a marker.She pressed in two quarters and dialled.The phone rang five times and a voice answered.
” Simon Wonder not at home i am in the tropics,will be back in a month.” just as she was about to give up hope a similar voice replied” Hello this is Ken Boulder.Jaw dropped instantly Oly couldn’t believe this ,his voice rippled down her ear drums she wasn’t certain what to say,but she said ” I ought to spit on your boots”tears of joy flowed from her eyes.

“Oly is  this you ? wow its been long? Where are you ?” his voice had a hint of excitement but he wasn’t going to be too lovey dovey.

“I am calling from the grave come dig me up!” she laughed a little and she smiled,im coming home.”she closed the phone,and her heart raced.She was floating and the idea of walking now made her feel so aimless.”Ken”

Oly dropped her bags on the porch,reached out for ciggie and just as she was to lit it, a voice rang behind her” New Habit?new manners ? the time has changed you not?”

Oly turned on her heels and spat on his feet, you’re back to those again”and smiled

Ken just stood there without a word.He  moved closer “I ought to make use of that saliva

in better means possible” Her eyes almost poked out of its sockets.”Ken you haven’t changed.” she looked away blushing once again” But he had- he looked more homey with a stride of confidence.handsome still with more greys on his thick hair.He appeared more handsome.But the likes of Oly she touched his feet,and said ” Im home”

“yes you are home !”he replied kindly

“No i meant the home that you carry with you ,your heart” she moved closer to him,waiting for him to kiss her.But he didn’t,he touched her feet and and than he looked into her eyes.”You have always been at home”

There it is a union of hearts,the treasure been found,confessions were made and friends now linked.Oly had new  place to hide her treasures and it was going to be in Ken Boulders heart.Where she to felt safer than ever.























The last breath

Whats in a life ?

People usually say -go get a life ! but that dosen’t make sense.Rather you should say ‘what are you going to do with the remaining days of your life?’ Life is measured with time, and it all happened when you entered this world,the exit from your mothers womb or let me be more specific her vagina.Yes your mother had to spend endless hours in labor than she sweated as she drew her last breath to force you out into the world we live in.Life is a gift,for those whose mothers had a half smile cut under their bellies,your mother still gave you a chance to breathe.That’s a miracle!

Everyday in life we live a day, that day gives you the chance to be marvelous to stand out and to be useful to those around you,be selfless+ share care and love one another.Your last breath should have all the feelings of greatness,that you achieved your goal.I must admit some pass on without any achievements,they faded without a chance.So be happy in your stages of life whereby you breathe and watch the world occur on a platform.Some die by forces of nature,murder etc there are many ways we living things die.Have you heard of MRS GREN?  well she’s a part of us! let me spell out what she stands for

movement( we walk,run,play,hunt)

respiration ( breathe oxygen,exhale carbon dioxide)

sensitivity ( we touch and feel with our hands and skin )

growth ( yes we have to grow,no-one grows young )

reproduction ( sex yes we must have sex and give birth )

excretion ( releasing waste ….sweat,poo ,urine) from what i studied

nutrition ( food we need to eat to maintain life and drink …WATER!!)

Yes children no matter where we are in life “WE” living things have those above to keep us going without the complete set,we become dysfunctional and that my people are the vital things to consider before you watch the ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW.Now i am not going to dwell in details,i am just highlighting the last moments when we draw our last breath.When you see a person at work whatever it may be…they are risking their lives doing what they are doing.Some risks are safe and same are simply dangerous such as climbing a tall scuffle to paint a house.A painter has two risks one is the climbing and the second is painting.Paints are made from chemicals (X)

The safe risk will be siting on your computer and typing,and talking to your neighbor on the next desk,or having a cup of coffee and making sure you don’t spill it on yourself+ your computer= many problems again at your own risk.Okay i am wandering now

The last breath for you or anyone you are closely related to can be too very sad,and i know so as I have spent the last few days sobbing,crying and just being very reliant on food for comfort….BAD FOR ME,but hey there is a common ground here with all living things,we die.We journey to the next realm and honestly a dead person cant tell you how they felt when they died,because they are dead.Movies make it look so romantic to die especially  when the loved ones return and keep them company.Id love to die come back as a ghost and see my own funeral,see who came for the right reasons ad for those who came to check it out.I wonder who? I want to spend my last days or my last breath asking Jesus  for forgiveness +

Death is not an awesome subject,but it is one to consider- at least let someone in on    your departure.For life gave you a chance to live ,and when you become one with the ground or ashes in the wind you know you did something marvelous!! If life was cut short do something now that is worthy of praise ,make certain your enemies didn’t come pounding on your door.







Daily Prompt: Pretend

via Daily Prompt: Pretend I am cure for all diseases that are present,that I can be invisible and i will take part as white blood cells  and conquer,protect anything that harms our human form.To allow the beast that steals our hopes of ever getting better.I will like to pretend that i am he the almighty to wash  away all our thoughtlessness,but i cant be because i am just a civilian.For a day i will like to pretend to be rich and solve all the money problems man have,so they can sleep at night peacefully without a worry in the world.I will like to pretend that i  am a character that allows me to be who i really am so i can show case the beauty within me.But that is not possible because i am curled up like an unborn foetus scared not wanting to be judged,i have to pretend to be good so that my real self is not judged.I enjoy the idea of pretending that way i can fit into society’s expectations slither my way into peoples thoughts and extract what they are thinking so it is of use to me,in doing so i can pretend to be their friend for a while and just enjoy the luxury of their success.There are many things i will like to pretend.I am not myself but in someones shoes as i pretend.At the end of the day i will pretend that nothing ever hurts me,i will sit on the beach and  cry because all that pretending made me mad.

Olini Fonua

In our Dreams…..

I heard his footsteps night after night and the light from the streets showed  me he was the son of the Dreamer,and i didn’t want to associate  with him I  wanted my mind to be in charge of itself and not to rely on a a conscious dream.My dreams were primarily unrelated to me,and I enjoyed them. But he was waiting for me,i don’t know why.I sat up in the  dark and said  a little prayer but noises  were roaming in my room,nobody there just noises my therapist said it was my head making those noises ,my mother said it was he and all his disciples i asked her which one she said the “devil”.The man outside still stood there and he whispered Micheal ,the name of the morning star. I squinted hard it was sore to think he was now standing there trying to grab my attention,i did not give in i just continued to squint but with less pressure.

The Dreamer, he never said a thing and I ignored him and it felt great.Within a minute his footsteps moved closer now he was standing beside me…what for ?

“Micheal come withme I will promise not to harm you ”

“Go away! get lost ! I dont need you- ”

” This world is not safe anymore,there’s more to come that your dreams you have now is not going to help you” the dreamer touched the blanket and that touched me. A cold shiver ran up my spine and a warm one was released down below.I closed my eyes in shame and he backed off , the blanket was now soaked in urine my batman panties  smelt.I wanted to shout but that would  awake my little  baby sister ,my brother and my mom and god bless my mom she would not tolerate that sort of  nuisance. I kept my voice low and very firm,for a child I  was very much proper in a manners except for the that just happened.

“Look what at you have done? I am wet, cold and I  am tired”

“Sorry I -” silently he sat on the floor in a meditation position.

” Just look I  now  have to change my  pants,I don’t feel like batman anymore.Now in this cold night i have to step out of my comfort zone,change my underwear my clothes ,than my mattress,than redo the bed” my eyes met his and he nodded he read my mind.My mind said you owe big time.He  reached out to  switch on the light on his bedside table and the crystal ball  rolled  and came crashing down  below. The  baby  woke up with a roar,then  his mother  came stumbling out of her room.

The door flung open in the next room my mother went to hush the baby ,I could hear her speaking gently to the baby there there she said go to sleep mommy is here.I looked at the dreamers son,he looked at me and frowned in frustration still soaked in my accident.And again I filled the bed with another one this one more shorter.

I swung my feet out of the bed and stepped on a piece of glass,that i roared in pain.the baby screamed to the top of her lungs,as i called out for my  mother”Mom!” My brother came instead.

“What is wrong with you ? whats that smell ? Mikey did you wee-wee on your bed?Mommy come Mikey had a wee-wee. ”

My  mother walked in and turned the lights on the shattered crystal dispersed all over the wooden floor,i closed my eyes in pain as i tried myself to pull the glass out,but mommy stopped me,lucky for me shes a nurse.She put baby in my hammock and attended to my problem.I got up and leaped slowly to the laundry room which also had a bathroom.I threw my pj’s into the wash.Mom came in with the sheets and chucked it in as well.

“Mommy sorry! ”

“What you sorry for? it was not on purpose ,leap slowly to my room and sleep there while  I wipe the mattress and sweep of the glass.Don’t you worry now,go back to your dream.Baby is still in the hammock you ask your brother to take her back to her room.Oh and Micheal don’t talk to the dreamer,he will rob you slowly” she put her finger on her lips after she warned me.

My mother knows ? she knows! Unbelievable my mother knows.

I went to my mother’s room,and he was standing near the window holding my baby sister,she was sound asleep smiling.I didn’t like him one bit.

“Leave my sister alone,put her back on the bed and leave now!” He did as he was told, as I leaned on the bed post with my sore leg on the bed,my eyes were cold with anger.My mother rushed in and saw us her eyes wide in shock.”have you no other family to pry on? Go you are not welcome here and neither do we need your dreams”

“Miranda I am not here to steal your dreams,I am only here to offer you sweet dreams”he whispered kindly.

“No you go and never come back here,you took my husband too far into his dreams,their father is now where? in his dreams he hasn’t woken up yet for 10 years  you hear me 10 years! He could be dead forever…tell me why? never mind go!”

“Micheal your father will return,i promise you he will return but now is not the-”

“Don’t you speak to him,or me or us ever again,you are nothing to do with our family”

The Dreamers son left he just disappeared and I turned to look at my mother she was shaking,I held onto her hand and she smiled faintly at me.Her eyes had dark circles about,and her cheeks were drawn in but she still had those beautiful eyes,and I had those eyes.

I slipped into the blanket next to my baby sister she was so warm and adorable to admire with her soft eyebrows ,pink lips and her second chin.A twirl of  curls rested on her temples.Mommy moved in from the other side and we fell asleep ,into our dreams we were -the unconscious one.My dad where is he in this long dream? is he flying on dragons?is he a king in an unknown world ? where is he resting as he dreams? Tomorrow is another day ,I will ask mommy,but will she tell me? Shes hiding something or maybe she wont let  me  know.

“Micheal,help me”a husky voice calls me,but this voice is not the Dreamers son,it is more tender I open my eyes and I am somewhere else.I stand up from my my bed and i see myself in a much older body.My eyes are not like his ,but the rest of my face is.This is he my father,beside him is a woman,she is like him in a more female form,who is she?  I am not moving  but between is a glass wall with lightning crackles,a snake that is gold is slithering within this glass.The female is holding on tightly to the man who looks like me.

“Micheal ? Micheal wake up !” My  mother shakes me vigorously she looks concerned.Get up Micheal you cannot go into that dream,you will be lost forever.That dreamer has infected you with his charm,hes a snake.Don’t talk to him ,don’t look at him,if he calls your name don’t answer him ,even in your head”

So much to ask ,I woke up in my mother’s t-shirt which I don’t remember wearing one.Se must have while i was out.She knows everything yet she is not saying anything.But as curious as I am i will find out what happened to my father.I want to see him ,where is he resting,mommy says hes still sleeping.I need to know,sorry mother i say in my head,i will dream only to save my father.

My mother is a nurse,she met my father many years ago before i was born,she was more meaty looking.My grandmother told me this story so I will tell you.Her life was filled with adventures,daddy met her when she was diving from a high cliff into the deep blue.He was an officer of the Italian army he too was handsome like  I am.My mother was a painter ,a lover for art.Her days spent out in the fields finding scenes to cover her canvas.Long black wavy curls,playful eyes creamy skin- skin as i saw in the photos.Tall, mommy was tall she towered over me like a tree.But father more tall,they complemented each other very well.Grandma told me that the day  daddy saw mom jump the cliff he felt suicidal,like a part of him died too,by then he had fallen very deeply for mother.But mother didn’t want to marry him then only because she didn’t want to be  a widow too soon like most women did.She agreed to be courted for a while,my mother laughed alot in her youth and my father was the reason why,despite his military life  he came to my mother free at soul.She was his escape.From then on she taught my father how to dive from horrendous heights.Her adrenaline flowed out  very quickly when she heard that my father was to take part in a 6 month mission in Greece.By then she was with child,it was I,my mother says i was difficult.During the first trimester she started to work as a part time giver to the local hospital as a nurse.Her paints ,brushes and canvas were  accumulated by cobwebs and dust,it was then handed over to an old lady and her grandchildren,One summer night my  mother then spent hours crying and cursing.Nanna said she had become very sick,and at the point of dying.So to calm her down she presented a letter from my father  which read:


My Miranda

I will not return to you now for long , please do not weep for me or wait upon me daily I am in a most difficult position as my heart is too.In the envelope is my  tag,keep it for me if god is willing and the time is serene i shall return to you with a more open heart.My love you are in me heart i will take it wherever i go.

yours forever ….Micheal

My mother crunched the letter and threw it into the fireplace,which luckily had no fire burning.Miranda continued to be strong,as she was shunned by her brothers for having a baby out of wedlock.Nanna sent her off to another place ,where she can be taken care of til the birth.The Abbey gave her shelter ,food ,clothing and something new called salvation which was least expected.From time to time. Jesus was not pleased at her actions.After the birth ,Miranda started to see new faces that appealed to her,the craving of her flesh wrapped her up in trouble.Her Grace for God wore thin,but Jesus never forgot her as she prayed day after day for the lord to forgive her and all her adulterous ways.The confessions she made had the priest praying in seclusion for her soul,come what may.Miranda met a man with a striking look opposite of what my father looked like,he was short fairly handsome,gold hair muscles on his calves and biceps he was a butcher.Cutting meat as a profession,mommy adored him she never had to worry about playing with knives.She gathered her courage and asked him to marry her,he said yes without a doubt.

I grew up thinking why id didn’t look like him but my brother did,in many ways the only thing we had that stood out was our mothers eyes painted on our face.My golden haired father was a genuine man,i believed he looked like some ancient God from the books i read.Nanna told me that he won several sporting events and mothers high dive from the plank was what drew Henry to her.But the plank dive was an attempted suicide because she still missed my father.But Henry saved her and she was sent back to the abbey to wash her sinful thoughts and sort out her life once and for all.But one night something strange happened in the abbey.The priest sent for a higher calling no-one actually knew what to do,so Nanna had to go stay with her,I was handled well by sister Marina who was absolutely wonderful and loving.I grew up in the abbey and so did my brother.

Today  I am 10years of age my brother is 8 years my sister 2years she has inherited my mothers hair type long wavy and black not like Henry’s nor Luciano.Luciano is small in size,i am tall for  a 10year old.My mother has gone out of the house to puff on Henry’s cigars.She chews a mint after shes done,with all her loneliness in her past Miranda is still my loving mother.I woke up from my dream and the rain came pouring down on our rooftop,mother is cooking breakfast she is making toast and homemade jam.I looked into her eyes and i see that she is longing to wake my father up,last night brought into much memories that she couldn’t fathom.My little baby sister is still sound asleep.Luciano playing with leggo Saturday is a recovery day .today i will let my mother rest but she can feel that i am curious as to know what happened to my father.That will be another time i can tell she looks worn out.











Free me

Tied to shackles

i am his


man i am not free

i am lost in your world

death helps me

man, i am dead to you

in your head you say

use her

I am not free

i m dead

free me now so i can serve you

than i will live to


man what are you doing

you’re not helping you

you’re killing you

man i will be free

but you will die ….


Only because

i’m not free

no longer will i care for you

reap and sow

nothing is free

even the birds know

i am tied

tied to you because you live on me

i am she

i am the only one who  can make you feel free

free me

let me be

go go go …..and leave me to be

the mother of thee

in my womb you live

in my love you grow

with my love you know

that by letting me go

you are  free

the shackles are gone

i go go go

we both go go go

into the sky and into the clouds into the universe we go


free me

they say ….we go,going and  gone !


Little Mary and Sisa busy day!

Little Mary loved the outdoors anything indoors was confined to reading,sleeping and playing dolls.That was not little Marys idea of fun she loved to be wrestling with the wind,hopping on muddy puddles and watching dogs dig for bones and stolen toys.Little Mary had a dog name Sisa and he was just as adventurous as she,sometimes more naughty too.

Yes Sisa and Little Mary had alot in common and the first common thing was they understood it each other very well.One day after school Mary and Sisa went for  a stroll,and Sisa was very excited he could not contain his excitement that he  was running all over the place,barking and making plenty of noises.Little Mary found it rather funny because he dragged Mary and Mary could not keep up.

“Slow down Sisa youre going to fast!”Sisa just barked and barked and he was sniffing everything along the  way,he even sniffed a full diaper of poo.”Ewwww Sisa thats gross!” Luckily Sisa was not generous enough otherwise he would have given the diaper to his friend.A yucky thought really,dont you think?

So they went out for a walk and little Mary spotted a stick the length of her height.”look Sisa I’m moses and this is my toko toko.I’m going to part the ocean one day and i will have magic powers like Moses.Sisa barked and tilted his head.Than he saw a group of children and he barked even louder,they were eating bongos.”Sisa i want to eat bongos too,can we go home ?Come Sisa let’s go home,we can walk another day”But Sisa didnt want to go home because he was having so much fun and Sisa did not know what Bongo was.Sisa did not listen to his master and kept walking.Suddenly Mary stopped- her feet was aching and she was getting tired.She let Sisa’s  leash go and turned and walked back home she knew she will be in trouble for not  telling anyone where she was going, sisa stopped and followed his master home.

“Mary where did you go ? you know the rules youre not supposed to go anywhere without my permission.Get inside now have a shower and then homework time for you” Mary did not listen she sat on the steps and played with her dog til she was all stained with paw prints from her pants up to her top.”Mary are i dont hear the sower running”

“That’s because i am not in the shower I’m waiting for the rain and Sisa is waiting with me” little Marys mom stood behind her with an empty bucket of water and handed it over to Mary,

“Go and weed the garden,pull out all the weeds if you may while you wait for the rain”Little Mary’s smile turned upward and looked up at her mother,she gave her mother the most satisfying cat smile.”Thank you mommy,and i will promise you i will kiss hundred thousand million times” the mother smiled and said”You can start now”and poked her lips out for a smooch. Mary  made a eww face and replied”Not now I’m going out do some work” and off she went marching dragging the bucket behind her.”Come Sisa  lets go do some gardening you dig and i do the weeding”

Now the rain didn’t come as expected because the wind pushed the clouds out further and it ended up on the other side of town.However mary didnt mind she was getting all nice and dirty with Sisa’s assistance.

“Oh boy,you sure need the rain this time look at you all covered i hardly can not  recognize you-you and your dog i swear you were an animal in the past life.”She looked at the weeds and the job was overdone,all the plants and flowers had been dug up and the mud was sprawled all over the cement.”oh no you uprooted my flowers” Little Mary looked at the garden”She pointed at Sisa and that was just the wrong thing.”i told Sisa to dig only and he dug really deep,and i told him to stop but he insisted.And we found a worm too,and Sisa killed it”Little Mary’s mother just shook her head,however she knew she had a day to replant the flowers but for now she will place the flowers in water until tomorrow.

Little Mary had her shower with her dog and it was with a hose pipe  shower outside that grandpa Saia made for extremely dirty moments such as today.”Am i in trouble mommy?where’s Tome?i mean daddy.I want to go for a bicycle ride.”

“Not today you have done enough for the day ,plus you have to give me huundred thousand million kisses” Little Mary made her  ewww face and her mother just laughed.

“Okay when you sleep than you wont even know it and eat,sleep and mommy’s time”

“i think i want to eat ,may i have a  snack?i want to eat  now!”

“Excuse me lady i don’t think that’s a good way to talk to your mother”with her hands on her hips ,little Mary ran and hugged her mother.”okay sorry a snack please”Little Mary ate her snack which became a dinner with rice and dahl made by her nanni.Than it was off to bed for Mary.While outside Sisa rested himself like a king on the red couch waiting for the next sunrise  for he and Mary to go wrestling with the wind.